A small selection of customer testimonials from some of the fabulous caregivers & awesome animals we've worked with ...

I have been absolutely delighted with the progress Vinny has made.  The classes have been great fun for both me and my dog.  I can't wait for the next session and I have already recommended Gillian to lots of other puppy and dog owners.  She has been very supportive not only of the dogs but also of us humans.  Anyone considering classes for their dog would do well to try Gillian as both their dog and family will get so much out of it. 
Mrs Capaldi (Bearsden)

Thanks for my training one-to-one Gillian.  I was relieved to find a kinder way by contacting you and couldn't believe the immediate difference during our session.  He really did pull constantly and all focus was lost during walks!  He loves clicker training and is a pleasure to walk now.  Our relationship is brilliant and he loved the enrichment toys (I bought them all).  I'm amazed at how straightforward and fun it was.  Thanks Gary & Rifis (Partick)

We contacted Gillian when we brought our new puppy home as she was showing anxiety when being left alone and we needed guidance on general training.  Gillian highlighted the benefits of clicker training and taught us the technique.  Our dog took to this very quickly and responded well as she was being rewarded for her successes.  Gillian taught us lots of positive ways to teach her to be happy and independent when we were at and away from home including a gradual plan, enrichment toys, food in lots of different toys she had to work at to get the rewards, leaving music on, kongs, leaving and returning without a huge fuss etc.  We followed all her techniques and still use them today.  Gillian's filming suggestions helped as it provided us with confirmation and reassurance the techniques were working as Tess was relaxed and no longer distressed during our absence!  She now settles happily when we leave, house intact when we get home.  We can't thank you enough for all the help you gave us.  We have a happy, contented dog thanks to you.  Mrs Milne (Bearsden)

I wish to thank you for your advice, support and training techniques during classes and on the phone consolidating our learning and reassuring me.  I was so surprised to find a dog trainer that gave so much of their time to your human and doggy clients despite this being your business, very refreshing in these days of austerity.  Your love of dogs clearly shines through and motivates others.  I found your canine wisdom invaluable and have learned a lot.  I particularly liked that you have smaller numbers of dogs at sessions so that whilst doing group sessions you can easily see when we need your input and assistance.  You were totally switched on to Boston and this gave me great comfort.  I'm so happy I was pointed in your direction. 
Mrs Collins (Summerston)

We had a thorough, in depth consultation carried out followed by recommendation of a training programme which was clearly underpinned by extensive knowledge.  Gillian had an excellent manner with animals - trains from the heart as well as the head!  Alison, Calum & Archie (Bearsden)

Gillian enlightened us to the huge benefits of using reward based training and managed to find loads of interesting edible goodies which appealed to our initially anxious rescued collie dog, even though we didn't think he was food orientated!  She enhanced our relationship with him by teaching us clicker training, games and different ways to stimulate his active mind.  We now have a fabulous bond with him :).

Thanks for all your help Gillian.  I'm really happy with the improvements and training, they're a pleasure to walk now and their recall is brilliant.  Having them retrieving things has been fun and a godsend during my flare ups!  I highly recommend you to anyone looking for help with their dogs. 
Andrew (Bearsden)

We couldn't recommend Gillian highly enough.  Her instructions were easy to follow and we were amazed to see such a difference in such a short amount of time.  She introduced us to clicker training which Arthur responded to immediately.  She really helped us understand Arthur and set us off on the right path.  Gillian provided us with a fully comprehensive and personalised set of training notes which was such a helpful reference. 
Tracie, Geo & Arthur (Knightswood)